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Behavioral Evaluation
Parts I and II
Fill in the information requested below;
Access the questionnaire;
Read carefully the instructions and choose the alternatives presented in the evaluation;
All the lines shall be marked with your choices. The system will not accept the sending in case it is not completely answered.
Very Important:
Be authentic and do not choose the Best options. They do not exist;
This is an identification and it is not a test;
Be attentive and do not miss the focus on the instructions;
Reserve time and place not to be interrupted.
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The © Behavioral Evaluation is the statistical evaluation of the individual behavior trend. They are two surveys: the first "adjust" – the behavior that others expect from you, It has 32 sets of sentences and the second "it's me" – how you really are, has 64. They were prepared with the statements related to the situations common to the people's day by day, at work and in social activities. Your answers emphasize eight analysis factors and the combination of these factors confronted with the behavioral theories give us the conditions to predict with fidelity how the person behaves in different situations, what his/her communication style is and how he/she decides and conducts his/her life.